While working at Pixar Animation Studios & Khan Academy, the X in a Box team created and produced Pixar in a Box and Imagineering in a Box via support from the Walt Disney Company. The success of these two education programs led them to form a group called “X in a Box” to continue creating new content to advance equity and access in education. 

Elyse Klaidman

Chief Executive Officer

During 22 years at Pixar, Elyse developed and over-saw programs and teams devoted to education, exhibitions and archives. As director of Pixar University, she led Art and Film Education, Filmmaking Programs, Leadership Development, PU Tube, Guest Speaker Programming and Technical Training. As Director of Exhibitions and Archives Elyse curated Pixar galleries and the internationally acclaimed traveling exhibitions Pixar 20 Years of Animation and the Science Behind Pixar. In 2015 Elyse’s passion to connect student interests to their educational experience was realized when she co-founded and led the team that created “Pixar in a Box” and Imagineering in a Box. Before coming to Pixar, Elyse was a teacher, the director of the Kimberly Gallery and an exhibiting artist. Elyse earned a BFA in Fine Art from Wesleyan University and a Masters of Education from American University.

Tony DeRose

Chief Content Officer

Tony was a Senior Scientist at Pixar for 23 years and for most of that time he led Pixar’s Research Group. Previously, he was a professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. In recent years he has contributed to several initiatives to help make math, science, and engineering education more inspiring, primarily for middle and high school students. These initiatives include the Science Behind Pixar museum exhibit, co-founding the Maker Education Initiative, as well as Pixar in a Box and Imagineering in a Box. He has received two Scientific and Technical Academy Awards (c) for his work on the mathematics of surfaces, as well as the ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award. He earned a B.S. in physics from the University of California at Davis and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Brit Cruise

Chief Learning Officer

Brit writes and produces all forms of educational content. Since 2011 he has been creating videos on his YouTube channel (Art of theProblem) designed to tell the origin story of modern fields of study.  He was invited to join Khan Academy 2011 where he produced educational videos, summer camps, interactive content and led partnerships with NASA, Google and Disney. This included co-designing the Pixar in a Box and Imagineering in a Box series. He has also contributed to early stage startups such as Codecademy, Mystery Science & Mathigon to help prototype the content vision. Since 2016 he began producing videos with the IEEE Information Theory Society to communicate famous papers from their field. Brit holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Western Ontario and a BS in Computer Science from McGill University.