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Experiential learning: where education meets the real world

Once upon a time, students would emerge from school ready to become productive members of the workforce, and anything they didn’t know could be learned quickly ‘on the job.’ But technology has accelerated at such a rate that the curricula and methodologies of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are now significantly out of step with the demands of today’s industries — not to mention the industries of tomorrow. Students are finding that the education system has left them unprepared for the real world.

Making matters worse, the ones who do succeed in the workplace are those who can leverage connections, tutors, and extracurricular programs — widening the already-chasmic socioeconomic divide.

Organizations, meanwhile, are contending with a lack of talent — especially a lack of diverse talent — to take their business into the future. Furthermore, training employees on the job has become too costly and inefficient to be sustainable. To remain competitive, attract diverse job candidates, and be responsible stewards of their communities, companies must begin cultivating talent even earlier.

Finding a solution to this education-industry mismatch is critical for our future prosperity — on an individual and societal scale. Preparing students for the jobs of today and tomorrow involves teaching the right information, in the right way — because the practical application of skills is just as important as theoretical knowledge.

At X IN A BOX, we believe that experiential learning engages students more deeply than traditional methods.

With this method, students learn by doing, by creating, by playing a role, and by actively engaging in a project. And the knowledge and skills students acquire are applicable and transferable to greater opportunities.

Through engaging and hands-on projects, we ignite students’ passions and help jumpstart their futures. And in making our content available to all students, we are closing the opportunity gap — ensuring that where a child is from does not dictate what they can become.

We work with some of the world’s most innovative companies to design experiential learning materials that engage students with relevant, hands-on projects — because in every field, from engineering to design — a portfolio is the new resume.

Our partnerships bring students behind the scenes at these companies, enabling them to join a team and execute projects in a real-world setting. By giving them access to the tools and practices used by major companies, we help them build portfolios much earlier and strengthen their credentials. At the same time, we give students a path from their current passions to their future careers and awaken them to new opportunities they may have never considered before.

Meanwhile, we enable businesses to educate students — the talent of tomorrow — about what the company does and how it operates, and to imagine themselves working there. Businesses can proactively create their future talent pipeline by planting seeds in the imaginations of young people.

In working with X IN A BOX, companies also take steps towards increasing diversity and inclusion in their industries.

  • We work with a diverse team of educators and student advisors to bring multiple perspectives and experiences to the table.

  • We conscientiously outreach to schools and organizations that cater to students of every background.

  • We ensure that our educational content models diversity in the various roles we highlight — so that all kids can see themselves reflected in potential future careers.

As master storytellers, educators, business leaders, and even students ourselves, we at X IN A BOX see enormous potential in relevant, engaging project-based learning experiences, and we are committed to:

  • Engaging students with exciting, hands-on projects that educate and inspire them about the careers of today and tomorrow.

  • Empowering educators with relevant, project-based learning experiences from the world’s most exciting brands.

  • Equipping organizations to inspire, educate, and attract the diverse talent and advocates of tomorrow while serving the communities where they do business.

Through experiential education, we bridge the gap between academics and the real world — creating game-changing tools for educators, cultivating diverse talent for companies and, most importantly, preparing students to thrive in the real world.

We are excited to come together with you, students, educators and organizations, to restore the original promise of education: equip our young people for a prosperous future in the workforce.



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