Do you have an online education strategy?


Launch of Pixar in a Box in 2015 at Pixar Animation Studio with Brit Cruise,

James Tynan, Sal Khan, Ed Catmull, Tony DeRose and Elyse Klaidman


In today’s world having a world-class online education offering provides multiple benefits to your organization. Be positioned as innovators and thought leaders in your industry, while extending your impact out into the broader market by sharing your expert knowledge. Provide students around the world with equal access to the opportunities at your organization and bolster the recruitment of a diverse workforce.

Why Companies Work With Us:

||   Brand building 

||   Future diverse workforce development

||   Increasing market share

||   Employee on-boarding  

||   Internal training 


We specialize in creating customized solutions by working directly with your team to best understand your needs and opportunities. Our goal with every client is simple: create world-class educational content that makes your company culture shine, while positively impacting classrooms and students.

Our Guiding Principles:

||   Student engagement is our number one priority  

||   Content is active, participatory and anchored around absorbing projects 

||   Enable students to put what they learn towards a positive future


Whether it’s online challenges, programs for schools, online lessons, exciting videos or interactive software, we build original content to ensure we engage learners & keep them coming back.